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Our community focuses on high-level, in-depth education for everyone. We are currently having a Web Development Boot-Camp that focuses on making you a T-Shaped & Job Ready Developer from Day 1.

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Journey Through


A Unique Roadmap curated through the experiences of Apoorv Goyal, who successfully made a career in tech based on skills and without a degree.

  • Aimed to get you started from scratch. No prerequisites required.
  • Beginner friendly like never before. We hate to assume anything you may or may not know.
  • Learn by doing approach with multiple projects! We never met anyone who learnt without building.


This course is for everyone! Doesn't matter if you're still in school, or college. Doesn't matter if you're underprivileged and cannot afford a degree. Doesn't matter if you want to switch to tech after pursuing something else or if you're not from science field. This is for you!

Absolutely! We firmly believe that education is a birthright for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, race, social or financial statuses.

A laptop, a decent internet connection, willingness to work hard and a go-getter's attitide.

It is intended to be 1 year long, however it is possible that it may take more than that since there are going to be certain elements added to the course as deemed necessary at the time and we believe in a quality first approach. The boot-camp, however, does not end there as there are some even advanced concepts that we'll pick after this one to skill up. Things like software architecture, design patterns, etc.

We are designing the course for someone who has no prior experience in software development and doesn't even have an IT background or a degree, therefore no prerequisites are required for it and it's absolutely beginner friendly.

DSA, more often than not, is only to help you improve your problem solving skills and makes you think like an engineer. Hence, it is an integral part for most of the software engineering job interviews. Ideally you should not skip DSA and practice it for 2 hours daily along with learning web development, devops, etc. In most of the scenarios, being able to solve intermediate level DSA questions is good enough.

Linux! It's good to step out of your comfort zone and helps you get comfortable with CLI. Follow this playlist to get started with Linux -

There is no specific amount of time it will take. It completely depends on how fast you learn things, how much you're able to retain and how much you practice, but when you're able to think of any project, and build it from scratch on your own, you're a job ready developer who can start giving interviews.

If you follow it seriously (practice as much as you can, be active in learning, develop great portfolio by completing all the challenges, learn in public, etc.) , by the end of this course, we can assure you that you'll have enough skills and confidence that you can easily get a high paying job.

Whatever you learn, write a Tweet or create a LinkedIn post about it. Whatever doubts you have, ask them in public rather than sending DMs to others. Make sure that you keep your journey in public, and those who find your journey helpful, or are inspired by you, are going to follow you improving your reach with time. Gradually, people would start reaching out to you, consider you a mentor and you might even receive some great offers through your peers and referrals.

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