Journey Through

The Road Less Travelled

A complete bootcamp for beginners where we focus more on helping you acquire real skills and build your portfolio with amazing projects. As your first project in this bootcamp, you'd be building this website. Yes, you read it right.



Our bootcamp doesn't requires you to have prior coding skills or a computer science degree. We focus more on the quality of the course, and we aim to provide you with answers, not more questions.



Our bootcamp consists of lots of projects, challenges and assignments. By the end of this course, we want you to have an amazing portfolio full of amazing projects to showcase to your potential recruiters.



Our bootcamp is designed with set financial goals in mind, where we'll provide you with relevant guidance to achieve your financial needs as you journey through the course and acquire skills.



Our bootcamp aims to help you think like a software engineer, post which you'd have the superpower to find technical solutions to your problems yourself without relying on others for help.

Polyphasic Course

We have designed this course in 4 Phases to ensure we enable the students to achieve their financial goals and make the maximum out of the bootcamp without getting confused. Each of the phase contains some technologies, and an architecture overview that every full-stack T-shaped developer must know in order to have an amazing career.

Phase 1

Static Websites

Your first steps to coding! In this phase, you'd be learning the basics of front-end web development languages. You will also be learning Git, which goes a long way for developers and is the most widely used tool in software development and open source. You would also learn and get comfortable with Linux and its bash shell, that helps you get out of your comfort zone and establishes great foundation for a career in DevOps or for becoming an awesome software developer.






Basic JavaScript


Visual Effects in Websites

Git Masterclass

Linux Masterclass

Phase 2

Serverless Architecture

As you learn front-end, you'd realise that there are a lot of things that needs to happen behind the scenes. Saving user's data, fetching it from a database, letting them update it, and a lot more. In this phase, you'd be learning about Firebase and similar NoSQL databases, and create cloud functions that let you achieve back-end functionality without actually serving it on your own. You would also learn about events and listeners.

Asynchronous JS


Cloud Functions




Full Stack Web Dev

Events and Listeners

Phase 3

Monolithic Architecture

This phase is all about Python, a powerful and one of the most widely used languages in data science/machine learning, web development, scripting, DevOps, etc. You will also learn about PostgreSQL database, one of the most widely used SQL databases, along with Python's microframework Flask for Web Development. You would also deploy your first application on your own, after learning AWS!


OOP in Python

Synchronous Behaviour

Threads & Processes


Virtual Environment



AWS Masterclass


Phase 4

Microservice Architecture

By this point, you'd already be good enough to build most of the platforms you encounter and would have built strong foundation for your development skills. It's time to go next level, by learning and mastering ReactJS, a powerful JS framework which is most in-demand. You'd also be learning about Docker and some DevOps techniques for microservice framework, and would also learn about the art of test driven development.

Advanced JS


Testing your Applications

Docker Masterclass

Bash Scripting


Development Environments

Environment Variables

Scrum Mastery